Lars Lehmann

Bass Solo Stuff

LARS LEHMANN BASS SOLO - Warwick Bass Camp 2014 |

LARS LEHMANN BASS SOLO "Don't Fear The Noise" |

Lars Lehmann: Prelude of Bachs Cello Suite Nr. 1 on electric bass

Lars Lehmann @ European Bassday 2007 (compilation)

Music videos

IGNORE THE SIGN - "A Line To Cross" (Official Video)

Ignore The Sign - "When Words Ain't Enough" (Official Video)

JUDAS PRIEST - A Touch Of Evil (Acoustic Cover by Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella)

Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Die Zwerge Vom Iberg (Official Video)

Mike Leon Grosch | Du & Colonia (official music video 2016)


Live Music

VINNIE MOORE & GUS G. p.12 ( Jimmy Hedrix cover ) Live at Mylos Club THESSALONIKI by kazandb

Vinnie Moore - Meltdown (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España - 19-02-2010).avi

The Spirit of Guitar Heros - Randy Hansen - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)